Top Online Fashions Trends In India

The virtual world is not completely like the online world when it comes to fashion trends. Online clothes are more daring and exaggerated but they are also beautiful. Online fashions inspire everyone to create their own styles, which are later adopted as trends. Indian fashion is diverse and there are numerous styles that are created online everyday

Below are some of the common online fashions in ethnic clothes

The sleeves are out of the ordinary

On the streets, we are used to straight and puffed sleeve, but the online fashion industry had a different kind of style. Ruffles flared, bishop, kimono and extra long sleeves are some of the famous and unique fashions online.  Although some of these styles have been around for some time, they are only starting to trend.

Ruffled sleeves are everyone’s favourite. You can find them on typically any ethnic tops with sleeves.  They are famous with the modern indo-western looks. The best thing about ruffled sleeves is that they can lend in with Indian attire and cultural, religious and social festivals. You can wear a saree or choli with ruffled sleeves to look modern, sophisticated and fancy to an Indian wedding.

We have seen all types of sleeves online, but have you come across the latest trend in floor touching and knee length sleeves?  They come in many shapes and sizes; you may have seen them in kimono, flare, ruffles and asymmetrical shapes.  The sleeves are literally as described, they are floor touching but have openings for the arms. They are unique and often seen with celebrities, high fashion models and designers. This look is crazy but you can incorporate it into fashion friendly events.

Kimonos are Japanese inspired but seem to be trending in the Indian online fashion world. The kimono sleeves are wide, long and loose and sometimes made to knee length or floor sweeping sleeves. They are modern, sophisticated and daring. You can wear this look to high fashion events and casual gatherings. Floor touching kimono sleeves look good on same length outfits.

Wide legs

Wide legs are a fashion trend from the 90’s that people have fallen in love with. This style is popular on social media, incorporated in almost any kinds of trousers. If you were born in the 90’s you definitely have a wide legged trouser in your closet. If you don’t, you probably want you get yourself one before this fashion trend is over. Wide legs are fashionable, comfortable and give off and old school vibe.

Some of the famous wide legs online include

Wide legged denims

They were most famous in the 90’s but you can spot them online with celebrities and fashion lovers. They are comfortable and can be styled easily. For a bohemian look, you should wear these denims with an a-line kurti and some sandals. Ensure your outfit is bright to get the 90’s look

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